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Author Booksignings—Join Us!

AERA 2015    Booths 607, 609, 611    Chicago, Illinois
  Friday, 4/17 Saturday, 4/18 Sunday, 4/19
10:00   Alicia Dowd / Estela Mara Bensimon
Engaging the Race Question
Pasi Sahlberg
Finnish Lessons 2.0
10:30   Jabari Mahiri / Sarah Freedman
The First Year of Teaching
Joel Westheimer
What Kind of Citizen?
11:00   Hilda Borko
Mathematics Professional Development
11:30   William Ayers / Rick Ayers
An Empty Seat in Class /
Teaching the Taboo, Second Edition
12:00   Thomas McCann
Transforming Talk into Text
12:30 Na'ilah Suad Nasir
Mathematics for Equity
Christopher Cross
Political Education, Second Edition
1:00   Donna Reid
Dilemmas in Educational Leadership
1:30 Rachel A. Lotan
Designing Groupwork, Third Edition
Michael Vavrus
Diversity and Education
2:00   Crystal Laura
Being Bad
2:30 Amy Alexandra Wilson
Reading and Representing Across the Curriculum Areas
Ali Michael
Raising Race Questions
3:00 Gustavo E. Fischman
Dumb Ideas Won't Create Smart Kids
Free copies to first 50 people!
Carol Booth Olson/Tina Matuchniak
Helping English Learners to Write

4:00 Sonia Nieto
Why We Teach Now
4:30 Isabel Nuñez, Rick Ayers,
and Pamela Konkol
Diving In / Worth Striking For

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